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Apr. 1st, 2009



Oh, man, I got an awesome ficathon prompt. I'm glad I signed up.

Jan. 27th, 2009


Hello new fandom!

So, I watched the first three seasons of Bleach in, like, a week over the break. I have many thoughts - and squees! - just ready to come bursting out, but mostly, I should say I have once again fallen in love with a crack OTP - so typical, right? Right. Anyway, a fic snippet that will one day be expanded into a proper fic (for wtf27, perhaps?). Also, I have decided that Star Wars doesn't have enough crossovers, so I am solemnly vowing to cross-over any anime I love with Star Wars, just to expand the diversity. Here is the first one...

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Yeah, it's disjointed, but I wrote it in 20 minutes in the middle of the night. Expansion and clean-up forthcoming.

Nov. 13th, 2008


Fictional Character Meme

OK, virusq  tagged me with this, like, a month ago - I'M SORRY VQ, I JUST FORGOT! - so I decided I should actually do it.  It states "Comment on this post. I will randomly give you a letter. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ."  I got the letter I, so, without further ado:

Iella Wessiri:  A Star Wars expanded universe character.  NR Intelligence agent, former CorSec agent with Corran Horn, and Wedge Antilles' wife.  She's a Stackpole character, but I never really liked her until Allston got his hands on her.  Seriously, Starfighters of Adumar is still my favorite book - intrigue!  drama!  jokes!  war! - how can you resist it?  Iella is pretty kick-ass in all the succeeding books, mostly because Allston is the only author who ever writes her, and Allston is made of awesome.

Invisible Woman:  OK, that's not her real name, but it counts, doesn't it?  As someone whose childhood was inundated by old superhero cartoons, the invisible woman was just cool.  No, not the Jessica Alba version...

Icchan-san: the crazy mad scientist/father figure in Angelic Layer.  One of the running jokes is that he's a pedophile (which is a really common joke in anime, for some reason), but he's actually in love with the 12-year-old protagonist's mother, and he looks out for kid as best he can.  In a show that is notable for the lack of male role-models, he's the only one in there. 

Ikrit - the wise Jedi Master/fake pet from the Junior Jedi Knights.  He was this hermit/ascetic/mystic being who looked like a dog-cat.  Or something, I don't know.  The point is, he, Tahiri, and Anakin were the three lasting characters from that series that moved into the wider EU world.  Of the three, Anakin was killed off midway through the NJO in a what felt like a gratuitious slap at the fans, Tahiri spent the next three book cycles getting progressively crazier, ending as a this failed Sith Apprentice only redeemed by her ex-boyfriend's cousin, and Ikrit - well, he died in the middle of the NJO too - but in this awesome suicide run that allowed all his students to escape the murderous fanatics bent on killing them.

At this point, I was fairly desperate, so I cheated and went by last name instead, giving me Ysanne Isard.  A classic villain from the Bantam run of books, she showed up in some way, shape, and form in over a dozen of them, I think.  Ambitious as hell and crazy as a fox, she was a rear-guard action of the Empire.  On her watch, Coruscant was lost to the Rebels, Thyferra abandoned it's neutral status in the war, and everything pretty much went to hell.  Thrawn, she was not.  On the other hand, she was very very good at causing fear and terror - she used everything from bio-weapons, scorched earth policy, and brainwashed suicide cells to spread terror among her enemies and allies.  As a leader, she was pants - but as an enemy, she was awesome.  The later enemies of the Del Rey era don't measure up - the Yuuzhan Vong were too crude, the Killik were ridiculously overplayed, and the one mastermind, Lumiya, was killed barely half-way through the last series, unmooring the plot and leading to some increasingly bizarre character actions.  But if I ever want to read some awesome evil laughter and some terrifying plot to destroy the Rebellion that might actually work, I can always go back to Stackpole's Rogue Squadron series of books.

And...I'm finished!  Yay!


Nov. 4th, 2008



And we can all move past the horrors of the past two years of campaigning, thank god.

More to the point, we have chosen a new president.  Granted, it's not the guy I voted for, but hey, that's life.  Congratulations to Senator Obama, I hope you govern wisely and well.  I expect I'll spend at least the next four years in the opposition - but hey, Democrats have been in the opposition for the last eight years, and it didn't kill them.  I think I'll enjoy it.  So, without further adieu, I present "Five Reasons to be Happy the Guy I Didn't Vote for Won":

1.       1.  The next time someone starts talking about the innate structural racism of American society, I will be able to just go out to a newsstand and point to a picture somewhere on the front page and say “O RLY?”  This makes me happy because a) it really is cool and b) it will finally shut up all those annoying people who talk about the innate racism of Americans.  And if they keep talking about it, I will use said newspaper to hit them in the face.  Seriously, this should make Ward Connerly very, very happy. 

2.      2.  Nancy Pelosi will finally have to stop whining about those evil House Republicans.  She’s got a majority in the House and she still can’t get anything done, but with a Democrat in the White House, at least she won’t be able to blame it on the veto.

3.       3.  As an economist, I look forward to any new administration – especially one which talks about the New Deal approvingly.  I, too, hope to do as well as Amity Schaels.

4.      4.   I think being in the loyal opposition will be quite fun.  Schadenfreude is a very satisfying emotion, don't let anyone tell you differently.  For example, next time somone says "political money is bad", I can point to our president as an example - although really, has that ever been in doubt?  I never liked McCain-Feingold, and I think Obama's fundraising is proof that people vote with their dollars.  Why restrict that?

5.       5.  On a more serious note, Barack Obama can’t be as bad as Jimmy Carter.  No one could be as bad as Jimmy Carter... 

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the night, guys.  I can't party because I can't drink - but what the hell.  I'll get the seniors to buy me a beer...

EDIT:  I feel I should make a note of this, since I didn't, and it's important.  This is the 44th time America has changed government peacefully.  It's a record that most of the world can't boast of - so enjoy, guys.  America truly is a great country.

EDIT 2:  OK, yes, I forgot 1860.  Sue me, it's still a great record.


Oct. 9th, 2008


Yom Kippur

Well, another Yom Kippur come and gone.  Actually, the second year I haven't gone to services.  I feel a bit bad about this, especially since I have a pretty good idea where the synagogues are in this town, but you couldn't get me on a bus for love or money at this point, considering a girl was sexually assaulted at my bus stop last week.  Still, the spirit of the holiday holds true: forgive and be forgiven.  Something I usually have to remind myself of, to be honest, but I'll keep trying.  Maybe one year it will finally stick altogether.

Oct. 6th, 2008


random school stuff

Finished my last mid-term today.  Feel very, very exhausted - not tired, just burnt-out.  I took the exam, and then I just went back to the dorm and slept for awhile, and then indulged in ceiling-watching - which I'm going to regret, I know, because I have a seminar presentation and a really hard math homework due in two days, and I haven't started on anything.  

I don't know.  It's only been six weeks.  I have to keep reminding myself that I have 10 more to go before break, which can't be good.  On the other hand, I have registration soon.  I'll only be taking a measly 12 or 13 hours next semester, which makes me sort of uncomfortable, because I usually try to take at least 15, but I heard so many horror stories about ECO 420K that I decided to go easy for once.  On the other hand, I only have another 12 or 13 actual classes to go before I graduate, I think.  I'm a bit peeved that my school only awards Bachelors of Arts in Economics - I might have to get a supplementary degree in whatever I specialize in to get a little more work.  *wry grin*  I doubt finance will be a good career choice for the next few years, however...

On the other hand: attended the Longhorn Open, a fencing competition at school.  I went by to volunteer on Sunday - geez, it was busy.  Very, very busy.  Lots of guys (and a few girls) and fencing gear, many of whom looked much younger than me, and lots of judges/referees/directors wearing suits.  You could tell who the volunteers were because we were the only ones wearing jeans.  I got to see the saber direct elimination rounds, which was very, very fast.  It was interesting, because it seems like when someone starts dominating in fencing, it's very hard to turn it around.  Saw the epee pools, which were a little harder to figure out - although it might have been because it was the novice category, so everyone wasn't as good compared to the more advanced saber category.  Still, interesting, although a lot more cautious than sabre.  A lot more sizing up.

Sep. 29th, 2008


School and Computers, in that order.

So, super-busy weekend!   ...super-busy with studying, that is.  I have a Korean presentation on Wednesday (in English, however, so I just have to bone up on the particulars of traditional Korean music), my first Accounting exam on Thursday night, and I totally forgot about my math assignment.  Also, I haven't finished reading Gabrieli's Arab Historians of the Crusades, which is very interesting, but very, very long.  On the other hand, I have a paper topic for my history class ("changing attitudes toward the Holy Land throughout the Crusades, using Benjamin of Tudela's Itinerary as a source"). 

So, I started seeing a new doctor at Brackenridge Professional.  Considering how crappy the witch doctors at UHS are, I actually decided to use my insurance and go to a real doctor to figure out why I have near constant headaches and headcolds.  Last semester was awful, and I'm tired of being "that sick girl", as I've been for that last three years.  So, I've been keeping a health journal noting the medicines I take, the amount of sleep I get, what I eat, and the kinds of headaches and sinus pressure I get throughout the day, and I showed it to my awesome new doctor - and he actually has an idea of what's wrong with me: sinus inflammation, aka rhinitus.  So, now I'm taking a nasal steroid spray in addition to my allergy medication, and we'll see if it works.  I've actually taken this spray before, but my doctor at the time also prescribed two other new medications at the same time - she was practicing the "kitchen sink" method on me.  So, I have no idea if this will work, but it's better than the "oh, you probably have asthma - oops, no you don't!" or "oh, it's just a headcold - suck it up!" methods of diagnosis.

Also, something to amuse everyone while the economy either gets better or worse:  Computer (commercial) Wars!

Jerry Seinfeld?!Collapse )

Sep. 26th, 2008


more proof that naruto (at least, the fandom version) is awesome.

Activity-based accounting - as devilish as it seems?   I think so.  Going to bed, pretty sure the homework I just finished is totally wrong.

Have a lot more respect for fanon!accounting-Naruto now.


Hmm.  I'm changing all of my political posts over to my new site at wordpress for the simple fact that this journal was originally a fan/personal journal, and I don't think anyone friended me because of my absolutely scintillating views on foreign policy.  Additionally, I'm entering AFF's College Blogger Contest and I thought I should make a fresh start, since it's essentially a conservative/libertarian entry, and I'm well aware that most people on my flist are liberals.  I didn't friend people for their political thoughts - and since a lot of them friended me back, I don't want to be a churlish friend and spam their flist with stuff they don't care about.  So, I'll still be using this as a personal journal, but all the political stuff (national, local, and metaphysical) is migrating to my other website.  *shrugs*  Hope that's cool with everyone - *amused*  although I don't really expect someone to pop up in the comments and say "no, stop, I really want to hear your opinion on the possibility of Iran gaining nuclear weapons!"

Sep. 23rd, 2008


Bread and butter issues, Austin edition

So, I'm not going to post much on national politics until the election is over, for the simple fact that it seems to be getting pretty heated on livejournal right now, and if I wanted drama, I'd go crash a SDS meeting.  Same thing for the market meltdown.  I seem to be alone in thinking that this crisis in investment banking is the product on bad regulation and politics, rather than the free market, and I don't really want to get the usual "Democrats caused this, those commies!" or "Republicans caused this, those plutocrats!"  because guess what?  They both caused it.  Congress totally deserves it's pathetically low approval rating, and "throw the bums out!" is an excellent rallying cry.  Additionally, after listening to both John "Regulation" McCain and Barack "Nationalize" Obama, I understand why my parents voted for Ross Perot in '92... 

On more local issues...Austin is actually pleasant now, although god knows how long this will last.  I've been walking around downtown for the last couple of weeks, and this is the only time I can recall since I moved here that I don't see the ridiculous numbers of beggars and hoboes in the streets.  They've always been here, since the very first time I visited Austin, and in fact, they were a big reason I was so dubious about attending UT.  For some reason, though - they're gone.  No more roughs with nasty dogs, no more crazy people harrassing you for money, no more having to worry about going out after dark - This is the first time I've actually felt that I don't need to carry pepper spray.  The only thing I can think of - the police are cleaning up the streets because ACL is this week, and it's a prime money maker for the city.  Making sure the city is safe and non-hostile is in the city's interest right now - although god forbid we do it the rest of the time, because those poor homeless people are more important than, say, those students who have to constantly worry about getting mugged. 

Of course, it could always be worse.  I was complaining to my dad, and he said that I should be thankful - Austin in the 2000's isn't nearly as bad as NYC in the 1970's, back when he went to school.  Steven Malanga had an interesting article in City Journal about the whole thing - read it if you're interested in that sort of quality life sort of thing.    I admit, I'm seriously thinking of transferring my voter registration from Bexar County to Travis County, just so I can vote in local elections here.  I vote in local elections in Bexar, but I only live there three months out of twelve - I care a lot more about Austin politics in some ways.  *shrugs*  I don't know. 

Anyway, I have my first Calculus exam tonight, so wish me luck.  Hopefully, all the studying I've done will pay off....

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